Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition, as
a newly rising world-class exhibition of construction machinery,
is now on par with the three major construction machinery
exhibitions in the world in terms of exhibition scale, number of
visitors, number of global top 50 construction machinery exhibitors,
and exhibition influence.

Abstract: "Smart Mining Serves the World" - the first edition of the world's first electronic bilingual edition of the production, sales and supply of the whole industry chain in the mining industr...
Crossing Mountains and Seas, Debut in Africa  2025CICEE "Ten Countries, Hundred Cities and Thousands of Enterprises Brand Miles" Global Promotion Conference Entered KenyaIn the vibrant month of May...
2025CICEE “Ten Countries, Hundred Cities, Thousands of Enterprises and Brand Miles” Successfully Held European Promotion Conference! Expanding New Frontiers of International Cooperation, Creating a Ne
Paris, 2025 CICEE “Ten Countries, Hundred Cities, Thousands of Enterprises Brand Miles” successfully held the European promotion meeting!
2025 CICEE New Investment Promotion Video World Premiere
2025CICEE “Ten Countries, One Hundred Cities, One Thousand Enterprises and Ten Thousand Miles of Brands” Global Promotion Conference Entered Europe
The name card of the world's stage
industry 2023CICEE brand new start
The "national brand" and world-class 2023CICEE will be held in
changsha international convention and exhibition center from May
12 to 15, 2022, with an estimated exhibition area of 300,000 square meters, 300,000 professional visitors, 2 major competitive performances and 30 international forums, integrating international
forums, international events, industrial cutting-edge technology exchanges, and global enterprise style display.
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