CICEE 2025 adheres to the exhibition concept of "marketization, internationalization, specialization, digitization and greening", and is scheduled to be held at Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center in Hunan Province from May 15 to 18, 2025, with an exhibition area of 300,000 square meters, and an estimated 1,800 exhibitors, among which there are 35 of the world's top 50 brands of construction machinery. It is expected to attract more than 300,000 professional visitors, and more than 30 international forums and 100 business summits will be held during the same period of the exhibition.
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2025 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition (CICEE)
Theme:High-end, Intelligent, Green - A New Generation of Construction Machinery
Exhibition Time: May 15th-18th, 2025
Cycle: Biennale, starting from 2019
Venue: Changsha International Convention & Exhibition Center, China
Traffic Guide
1. Location
2. Multi-Dimensional Transportation
Changsha International Convention & Exhibition Center is situated in the high-speed railway exhibition new town area to the southeast of Changsha, close to Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Shanghai-Kunming Expressway, Changsha-Zhuzhou Expressway, Yueyang-Rucheng Expressway, and Changsha Ring expressways, only 2km away from Changshanan Railway Station connecting Beijing-Hong Kong and Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railways, 3 hours to cities of Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Zone, and 15km from Changsha Huanghua International Airport through airport expressway and maglev train. Its transportation advantages of "high-speed railway + airport + expressway" are unparalleled.
There are four high-speed interchanges around Changsha International Convention & Exhibition Center, with the Yuhua Interchange being only 5 kilometers away. Four subway lines are built or planned to be built around here. The distance between Guangda Station of Metro Line 2 and the North Entrance is just 500m. Through the nearby Titang Road, the center is connected with a broad road network, where the three main urban roads and one secondary urban road run from the east to the west, and four main urban roads link the north and the south. The integrated transportation structure of "rail transit+urban trunk road+expressway+venue ring road" that the center enjoys, can perfectly realize the fast transport of freight for exhibitors, and the easy accessibility for visitors.

CICEE has always been committed to providing a more perfect exhibition experience in each session.

Leveraging the advantages of new media and 5G technology, comprehensive service guides covering exhibitor information, exhibition routes, accommodation, dining, weather, transportation, and surrounding tourism information will be released before the exhibition.

During the exhibition, a series of free value-added services will be provided, including 5G live broadcasts around the exhibition, online exhibition halls, precise matching, free transportation from the airport to hotels and from hotels to the venue, as well as free shuttle sightseeing buses at the venue. Free lunches will also be provided for exhibitors and professional visitors.

In order to better serve international participants, CICEE will gradually establish convenient customs clearance services and improve multilingual services, including providing multilingual promotional materials, signs, service desks, and volunteers to meet the needs of people from different language backgrounds, promote international exchanges and cooperation, and jointly promote the prosperity and development of the construction machinery industry.

CICEE is dedicated to creating an international exchange and trading platform for the construction machinery industry. It has planned various forms of procurement and supply-demand matchmaking meetings, including the RCEP+ fIndia Procurement Conference, Engineering Materials and Equipment Procurement Conference, Highway Conference, Overseas Construction Enterprise Matchmaking Conference, Belt and Road Infrastructure Summit, China Leasing Enterprise Conference, Construction Machinery Second-hand Equipment Trading Conference, Construction Machinery Main Equipment Enterprise Procurement Matchmaking Conference, Post-Market Thousand-person Summit, and Construction Machinery Industry Chain Supply-Demand Matching Promotion Conference. These events not only provide communication and exchange opportunities for global merchants and users but also achieve significant transaction results. In 2023, the transaction volume of CICEE exceeded $7 billion. In 2025, the CICEE organizing committee will further leverage the advantages of the exhibition to promote economic and trade cooperation and exchanges in the construction machinery industry. Through various forms of promotion conferences and over 100 corporate business summits, it will facilitate precise matching and effective docking between exhibitors and professional buyers. It is estimated that the transaction volume of the exhibition will exceed $8 billion.

Especially noteworthy for friends from Europe and the Americas is that the 2025 CICEE will showcase a plenty of premium products from the Chinese construction machinery industry. It stands as the prime platform for procuring Chinese products.

Over the past three exhibitions, CICEE has deeply rooted in the "Belt and Road" market. It has invited over 60 international renowned business associations, including the Associated Equipment Distributors (AED), International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) and Construction Equipment Rental Association(CERA), alongside more than 100 domestic business associations such as the China Association of Construction Enterprise Management and China Construction Industry Association. Additionally, over 5,000 international buyers from over 90 countries, including countries alongside the Belt and Road Initiative, RCEP member states, countries from Africa, and Latin America, have participated in the exhibition, facilitating global market integration. In 2025, building upon the existing cooperation with over 160 international and domestic business associations, CICEE will further expand its circle of friends, planning and organizing 8 international promotion conferences, 14 domestic promotion conferences, hosting 3 international sub-exhibitions in Southeast Asia and Africa, and signing contracts with 6 international agents in Europe, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. It is estimated that the number of international exhibitors will reach 15%, with over 3,000 international buyers and over 120,000 domestic buyers.

Highlights of exhibition

(I)Upholding the "New Productivity" and Driving Technological Innovation in the Industry:

(II)Deepening the "Belt and Road" Initiative and Setting the Global Direction for the Construction Machinery Market

(III)Building an International Trading Platform and Becoming an Accelerator for Global Construction Machinery Cooperation

(IV)Setting International Standards and Creating Benchmark Exhibition Services

(V) Promoting Urban Integration and Creating a Global Construction Machinery Industry Festival

Since the inception of the concept of "new generation of intelligent construction machinery" in 2019, to the global promotion of the three major themes of "intelligent high-end, and green" in 2023, the CICEE has been committed to promoting new productivity and driving technological innovation in the industry. It leads the industry's development trends, fosters new models, new dynamics, and new formats, and takes on the responsibility of serving the industry's development. The previous three exhibitions brought together nearly 20 academicians and 568 experts from around the world, hosted nearly 60 high-end forums, published over 300 professional academic reports, introduced more than 2,200 new products for the first time globally, and showcased over 3,000 new technologies for the first time globally.

2025CICEE will witness a burst of new technologies, products, innovative construction methods, and comprehensive service solutions from the global construction machinery industry. From digitization, automation, and 5G to unmanned operation and smart construction, as well as green, electric, and hydrogen-powered innovations, it is anticipated that 1,500 high-end, comprehensive, new products, and cutting-edge technologies will take the stage.

2025CICEE is more than just a high-end showcase of the industry's latest trends in intelligentization, digitalization, electrification, unmanned operation, energy conservation, and emission reduction. It's also the "Owner's Festival" of the global construction machinery sector. Featuring a blend of characteristic scenes such as fireworks evenings, light shows, urban food festivals, cultural and creative IPs, popular check-in spots, construction machinery performance shows, and operator competitions, CICEE will integrate "exhibition + tourism" and incorporate with the city, demonstrating Changsha's long history and culture, diverse cuisine with local flavors, profound industrial heritage, beautiful natural scenery, and vibrant development vitality. Visitors will experience the romantic charm of the "Media Art Capital" and the lively ambiance of the "Internet-famous city." CICEE 2025 will spare no effort to create a "Owners' Festival", which isvisually appealing, entertaining, and culinarily attractingfor the global construction machinery industry.

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Scheduled Events of CICEE 2025
1. Natural Disaster Prevention and Control Technology and Equipment Supply and Demand
Matchmaking Meeting Time: May 15, 2025 2、2025 "Belt and Road" International Infrastructure and Engineering Equipment Business Summit Event time: May 15, 2025 3、2025 International Construction Machinery Technology Development Summit Forum (CTO Forum) Activity time: May 16, 2025 4、2025 Changsha International Construction Machinery Industry Chain Development Conference Event Time: May 16, 2025 5、International Construction Machinery Remanufacturing Equipment Promotion Conference Event Time: May 16, 2025 6、China-India Construction Machinery Entrepreneurs High-level Forum Activity time: May 17, 2025 7、China Mining Equipment Service Industry Development Summit Forum Event Time: May 17, 2025 8、RCEP Infrastructure Interconnection and Regional Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum Event Time: May 17, 2025 9、China Latin America Construction Machinery Capacity and Investment Cooperation Forum Activity time: May 18, 2025 10. China-Africa Infrastructure Construction Cooperation Forum Activity time: May 18, 2025
Competition & Exhibition
1、2025 International Construction Machinery Innovative Products and Innovative Technology "Golden Gear Award" Selection
Activity time: October 2024-May 2025
Scale of the event: 200 construction machinery host and accessory enterprises from all over the world will participate.
Organizer: Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition Organizing Committee
Main content: The organizing committee, together with China Construction Machinery Association, will set up the "Golden Gear" award and invite 15 industry experts, academicians of the two academies and the heads of central enterprises to form a jury to select the "Golden Gear Innovative Technology" award and the "Golden Gear Intelligent Product" award. The "Golden Gear Intelligent Product" award encourages global construction machinery enterprises to innovate and release new technologies and products at the exhibition.

2、The 4th Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition Intelligent Gear Athletic Showcase
Activity time: May 15-18, 2025
Venue: East Square of Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center
Activity Scale: 5000 people/time
Organizer: Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition Organizing Committee
Organizer: Hunan Construction Machinery Leasing Association
Main content: bring together 10 of the world's top 50 construction machinery host intelligent equipment skills performance, set the host test area, interactive experience area. 2 shows per day, 2 hours per show, 9 of the world's top 50 companies are expected to participate in the show.

Conference Forum
1、International Summit Forum on Construction Machinery Industry Innovation and Frontier Technology
Event Time: May 14, 2025
2、International Construction Machinery Supporting Parts Summit Forum
Activity time: May 14, 2025
3、China Construction Machinery New Material Utilization Technology Summit
Activity time: May 15, 2025
4、Overseas Contracting and Construction Machinery Cooperation Forum
Event Time: May 15, 2025
5、Construction Materials and Equipment Purchasing Management Innovation Conference
Activity time: May 18, 2025
6. Xiangjiang Forum on Underground Engineering Technology and Equipment
Activity time: May 18, 2025
7、2025 China Construction Machinery User Development Conference
Event Time: May 17, 2025
8、Construction industry lifting market and technology exchange meeting
Event Time: May 17, 2025
9、National Asphalt Pavement Conference & New Technology Achievement Exhibition
Activity time: May 16, 2025
10、Engineering Construction and Construction Machinery Innovation and Development Forum and Supply and Demand Matchmaking Meeting
Activity time: May 16, 2025
11, China Construction Machinery International Leasing Conference
Event Time: May 16, 2025
12、China Machine Owners' Festival and China Construction Machinery Aftermarket Thousand Summit
Event Time: May 16, 2025
13、International Symposium on Civil Engineering and Innovative Engineering Equipment Technology
Event Time: May 17, 2025
14. China Transportation Hub Facility Construction and Intelligent Construction Machinery
Event Time: May 17, 2025
15、China Construction Machinery Liquid and Gas Digital Intellectualization Industry Technology Summit Forum
Event Time: May 17, 2025
16. Seminar on Overseas Supply Chain of China's Building Construction and Release of Belt and Road Construction Activity Index
Event Date: May 17, 2025
Business-to-business matching events (over 100)

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