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Yuelu Mountainis located in the national AAAA tounist attraction, Yuelu Mountain juzizhou tourist area, with an altitude of 3008 meters.It is one of the 72 peaks of Nanyue HengsharMountain and one of the four Maple apprecation resorts in China. lushan scenic area is the core scenic area, induding yeluAcdeny, Aiwon pouion, ushan temple. yunlu palace.newdemocracy Institute scenic spots, etc.Bus: lv1 ,202, Lishan special line

Orange continent headIt is located in the heart of the Xiangiiang River oppositeChanasha citv tis one cmanv aluof the Xiangjiang River and the largest inland continenin the world. juzhou, facing Yuelu Mountain in the West and Changsha City in the East, is surroundedsides and stretches for tens of miles. The narrow part is about 40meters wide and the wide part is about 140 meters wide. lts shape is a long island and it ist scenic spots in Changsha.OieBus: LV 3

Aiwan PavilionAiwan Palan was founded in 1792, the 57th year of Qianlong reign of the Qing ynasty,by Luo Dian,the dean of uelu Academy. Together with ZUENG Pavlon 104 in chuxianCouny, Anhui Provnce, Huxin Pawion (1552) in West Lake,Hangzhou,and Taoran awion (1695) in aoran Pavlion Park,Beiing,they are known as the four amous pavlions in china.Aiwan pavlion was ongimaly caled red leaf Pavion,alko known as Aifeng avlion. Later, Bi Yan,the govemor of Huguang, renamed it aiwan Pavion acording to Du Meis poem "thereis a house in the depths of white dlouds when the stone path incines far upthe cold mountains. Stop and sit in the night of loving maple tes and the frostleaves are red than fowers inJanuary and February".

Bus: lv 3

Changsha world window is a largeThe Window ofthe world is located on the Bankof Liuyang Riverin the Northeastsuburbof Changsha,covering an areaof 400000 square meters.theme park jointly ivested and built by Hman Rado and telerision meda Ca, Lt., Shenzhen 0varseas Chinese tom Holdings Co., Ltd. and Hag Kong China Travelscale culturalService Group.The buildings in more than 100 scenic spots in the scenic area adopt different proportions to create a mlti-level, high-grade and lasting tourist space fortourists.


Taiping Street is the most complete streetthat retains theoriginal street pattern in Changsha ancient city.There are 87 Jstores alongthe main street in the block, with aginess area nf mearly 300 smare eters, hey are miny famns aod time hoored brands. caligrahy an painti0g, patioeal bandicraits, cutral and lelsue indastries another prauts, attractig a group of fanous peaple such as li fuyy, the caligraply and seal cuting master of hling Seal printing society,and heniming, the caligrapher anpainter,to settle in and set up studios.



Changshapedestrian streetis 838 meters long from the north to the south, with atotal commercial area of 250000 square meters, including 150000 souare meters nf new construction area and total investmentRlB 1billion is a comprehensive place integrating shopping, leisure, entertainment, catering, culture, tourism and other fumctions.Take a bus to Huatu education Taiping Street stop, or Niuer education Nanyang street stop.

with astreet width of 23-26 meters, including nearly 10000 square meters of Huangxing square,

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