On February 25, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the People's Government of Hunan Province signed a ministerial agreement to establish an international construction machinery exhibition with major international influence in Changsha.The two sides take the Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition as the carrier to simultaneously construct the release platform of advanced manufacturing standards and advanced new products in the field of construction machinery, and the trading platform of the complete machine, basic parts and accessories of bulk construction machinery.
Du Jiahao, the secretary of Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the director of the Provincial People's Congress, set the name of the exhibition in person, set the "first-class" adjustment, recruit leading businessmen, many times to hold a good construction machinery exhibition to make clear instructions, international first-class high starting point, high standards, high requirements design.
On May 20, 2019, the front page of the People's Daily commented: "this professional exhibition with the highest degree of internationalization and the greatest influence in the industry in Hunan province has become a clear sign of discourse power of Changsha in the construction machinery industry in the whole country even the whole world."
The government sets up the stage, the world chorus, the Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition constructs the global construction machinery high quality development new pattern.Looking back at the 2019Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition, more than 30 units from Hunan province and have joined forces to provide comprehensive guarantee for the audiences.In view of the opening ceremony of the exhibition and more than 30 supporting activities, Cahangsha formulated the comprehensive security work plan and emergency response plan, and assigned special personnel to take charge of the comprehensive security work in public transportation, power supply, water supply, gas supply, communications, medical security and sanitation and epidemic prevention, so as to ensure the safety of all.

Large scale! The exhibition area exceeded 250,000 square meters and the number of exhibitors exceeded 1,500.
With the theme of "intelligent new generation of construction machinery", the exhibition will cover an area of more than 250,000 square meters, with 8 indoor pavilions and 5 outdoor exhibition areas.More than 1,500 enterprises will participate in the exhibition, among which the global top 50 enterprises of construction machinery will reach more than 30, and the number and quality of enterprises will exceed the first session.
2021 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition pavilion will be  more optimized, will set up the concrete machinery, crane machinery, construction machinery, earth moving machinery, scraper machinery, road machinery, marine machinery,engineering special vehicles, tunnel engineering machinery, pile driving machinery, logistics machinery, hydraulic aerial cage,mining machinery, underground engineering equipment, municipal engineering equipment, construction machinery accessories, financial services, etc. 17 zones.

High standard! Gather 4 major competitive performances, 28 international forums and 100 business summits.

The exhibition has more activities in the same period, and the comprehensive effect is further amplified.Will host the international high-end manufacturing BBS BBS, international construction machinery industry chain development, person of the "dialogue" - the global construction machinery industry, construction machinery after market thousands summit, the international engineering machinery CTO summit, the international engineering machinery new product new technology conference, international engineering machinery talent exchange conference and other 28 international forums.

In addition, the exhibition will set up  four major competition projects which includes the international construction machinery intelligent equipment competition, construction machinery equipment field operation competition, international engineering machinery design competition, international engineering machinery automobile hoisting competition, the competition will become a global construction machinery exhibition in the unique label.

At the same time, international construction machinery manufacturers, dealers, leasing service providers, financial service providers, etc. held a series of 100 business activities, such as Asia international construction machinery second-hand equipment trading conference, international construction machinery mainframe enterprise procurement docking conference.
Highlights of exhibition
Government sets up the stage!Escort the "national brand" construction machinery exhibition comprehensively.
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