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Post exhibition Report
Release time:29 Feb.

Post exhibition Report

Unprecedented data

2019 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition has been successfully held in Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 15 to 18, 2019. With a total exhibition area of 213000 square meters, 1150 exhibitors, 24 of the world's top 50 main engine enterprises of construction machinery and 14 of the world's top 500 supporting parts enterprises gather together. The proportion of international exhibitors exceeds 22%, attracting 180000 professional visitors to the exhibition, and the on-site transaction volume has exceeded 20 billion yuan.

Industry praise and unprecedented influence

Ma Kai, former member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and former Vice Premier of the State Council

After participating in the museum tour, Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition was affirmed to have a high starting point, great influence and distinctive features, which built a good platform for mutual learning and docking cooperation for the construction machinery industry.

American Association of equipment agents

2019 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition is an unprecedented and enjoyable feast. Here, we have a good chance to meet many new friends and visit a lot of equipment.

In this process, the organizing committee has played a great role as an important medium to help members of our delegation participate in and conduct various visits.

Construction Machinery Leasing Association of India

Thank you very much for inviting us to participate on behalf of India. Cicee is a successful feast, where experts from the construction machinery industry all over the world gather. Thank you for your efforts to organize this event and for the most advanced infrastructure we have provided. We firmly believe that cicee will become the world's first exhibition in the future. We would like to extend our sincere wishes to cicee.

Spanish Construction Machinery Association

Thank you for inviting me to Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition Organizing Committee. I would also like to thank Ms. Zhou Juanping and her volunteer team for their excellent work, helping me plan my trip, and taking me to visit different manufacturers' parks. It's a great honor for me to visit this exhibition. I was also impressed by a large number of excellent exhibitors.

More importantly, I would like to thank the Hunan government and Changsha leaders for their efforts to make Changsha a gathering place for construction machinery manufacturers.

It is also hoped that cooperation between Hunan Province and Spain in this field will be further strengthened.

Korea Crane Association

Compared with China's construction market, South Korea's construction market is smaller. From the point of view of my invitees, there are still some problems. In the future, it will vigorously publicize to relevant enterprises in South Korea.

Wang Min, chairman of XCMG

Evaluation: "Hunan provincial Party committee and the provincial government have concentrated their efforts on the construction machinery exhibition, especially the attention paid by the Secretary of the provincial Party committee, which is a real honor for the construction machinery enterprises and the construction machinery industry.".

Zeng Guangan, chairman of Liugong

Comment: "in a short period of time, what the industry seems impossible to accomplish is Hunan spirit and Changsha speed. Congratulations on the success of the exhibition.".

Cheng Xiaoming, managing director of Hitachi construction machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

What impresses me most is that there are a lot of young visitors, the organization is orderly, the staff are very warm and thoughtful, and the exhibition work is practical and practical. This is the very pragmatic side of Hunan people.

Lang Yun, general manager of John Deere construction machinery in China

"Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition has a large scale and high specification, which has realized communication and experience sharing with people in the industry," the media said.

Chen Lin, general manager of China Construction machinery business of Keith New Holland industrial group

Hunan is very warm, Changsha is very warm. From Munich to Changsha, we are happy to share our ideas in these two highlands of construction machinery industry. The national brand of China Construction machinery is more and more dazzling on the international stage. We hope to work with them to achieve win-win cooperation.

Wu Xiaodao, Asia director of JLG

When it comes to selling all the equipment that brought in the exhibition, it's quite unexpected.

Wang Ke, exhibition director of Shandong Lovol heavy industry

I didn't expect that the exhibition would have such a large scale, such a high specification and such a good effect. I regret that the exhibition area is too small, and the equipment for the exhibition is too small. The next session is sure to order more booths, so that the company's more products appear! This exhibition is wonderful. We will come again next time!

Wang Ruixiang, President of China Machinery Industry Federation

This exhibition is a professional international exhibition with high specifications, large exhibition area, many supporting activities, strong attraction and influence, which will strongly promote the industry to join hands and write a new chapter in the development of construction machinery industry

The front page of the people's daily, a professional exhibition with the highest degree of internationalization and the greatest industry influence in Hunan Province, has become a distinctive sign that Changsha has the right to speak in the field of construction machinery nationwide and even globally.

On May 15, the front page of economic daily, the 2019 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition opened. With the theme of "intelligentization", the exhibition showed hundreds of foreign enterprises the cutting-edge achievements of Changsha's intelligent manufacturing, and announced to the world Changsha's determination and confidence to rush to the "intelligent" high point.

Zhang Yihua, a reporter from China news network, was shocked to see the world's first-class construction machinery enterprises appear in Hunan.

Gather industry leaders and compete with new products

In 2019, Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition gathered 1150 domestic and foreign construction machinery industry pioneers, "giants" and "rookies" gathered together, "new products" and "top products" were on the same platform, competing for splendor on the international platform.

The proportion of international exhibitors is more than 22%. 24 of the top 50 main engine enterprises of global construction machinery participated in the conference, including caterpillar, John Deere, Hitachi construction machinery, Sanya