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Exhibition Hall Information
Release time:29 Feb.

Exhibition Hall Information

Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center is a first-class and leading comprehensive venue in China,

Located in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, close to Liuyang River, with beautiful environment and convenient transportation, it is only 2.5km/8min away from Changsha Wuhan Guangzhou high speed railway station, 15km / 20min away from Changsha Huanghua International Airport and 0.5km/2min away from Changsha Metro Line 2. Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway runs through the north and south. Airport Expressway, Changsha Zhuzhou Expressway and ring expressway connect the East and the West with the main urban roads such as Laodong road and Xiangzhang road around the venue. At the same time, there are four metro lines converging here.

There are 12 exhibition halls and 2 landing halls in the architectural design of Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total construction area of 433000 square meters, including 301000 square meters above ground, 175500 square meters indoor, 85000 square meters outdoor, and 14500 square meters single exhibition hall. There are 3100 parking spaces for cars and 550 parking spaces for trucks (buses) There are 3200 parking spaces for non motor vehicles; conference center, hotel, business building, subway and other stations and other service facilities are also planned around the venue.

Traffic guide

1. Urban location

Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center is located in the southeast of Changsha City, Huangxing Town, Changsha County, close to Jingzhu, Hukun, Changzhu, Yueru, ring expressway and other expressways. The South Station of Changsha high-speed railway, which intersects with Jinggang, Hukun and Xiarong high-speed railway, faces each other across the bank, with a distance of less than 2 kilometers. The 2-hour commuter circle is easy to reach important cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Chengdu Chongqing economic circle The airport expressway and maglev train are connected to Changsha Huanghua International Airport, with a distance of only 15 km / 20 minutes. The location advantage of "high speed railway + Airport + expressway" cannot be duplicated.

2. Three dimensional transportation

Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center is surrounded by four high-speed interchanges, which are only 5 kilometers away from the Yuhua interchanges. Four metro rail transit lines are planned around the center. Guangda station of Metro Line 2 is 500m away from the North landing hall in a straight line. There are three main urban roads in the east-west direction, one secondary urban road, and four main urban roads in the north-south direction, forming a road transportation network extending in all directions, passing through titang road and venues Closely connected. The interactive combination of "rail transit + urban trunk road + Expressway + venue circulation road" traffic configuration can perfectly realize the fast freight transportation for exhibitors and the convenient viewing for visitors.