Exhibitors service
Exhibitors data
There are 1450 enterprises participating in the 2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition, of which 22% are international enterprises, 27% are enterprises in Hunan Province, and 51% are enterprises outside the province. The type of exhibitors covers the upstream and downstream enterprises of the entire industrial chain, and the satisfaction of exhibitors is up to 90%.
Due to the booth
Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition has become the most authoritative and influential platform for publishing, promoting, demonstrating, and trading cooperation among upstream and downstream enterprises in the whole industrial chain of construction machinery in the world. CICEE Organizing Committee will keep improving the quality and service of the exhibition, to provide exhibitors with comprehensive value-added services and personalized solutions, and to create the best exhibition platform for exhibitors, thus ensuring the maximum interest of exhibitors. We look forward to seeing you in 2023 CICEE!
Contemporaneous activities
CICEE will hold 3 competitive shows, 30 international industry forums, and more than 100 business events during the exhibition. Focusing on the new requirements, new challenges and new ideas of the high-quality development of global construction machinery, as well as the frontier issues in technology and management, CICEE will invite international and domestic influential entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and government officials to express their insights, conduct practical discussions and interact deeply with professional exhibitors and audiences.